Students WIL Portal Registration

Students WIL Portal Registration

Portal Registration

Students need to register onto the WIL Portal in order to obtain a Login Password.  A password will be generated and sent to the email address provided by the student.   During the registration process, the student must ensure that their email address and the cell phone number are correct. 


Access To The Work Integrated Learning Portal

Access to the Work Integrated Learning Portal is restricted to students of Durban University of Technology who are registered for qualifications that include work integrated learning. 

Registered students will have access to the placement management system and the work integrated learning management system of the Portal.



User name:       Email address

Password:         Enter the password sent via email.

The password can be changed after LOGIN in the [My Profile] Menu


Unable To Register                                                                   Contact Us  

If any difficulties are experienced during the registration process then the student must contact the University.                 


To Create An EmaiL Account Click Here


Help On This Page

For support on the menus on this page, refer to “HELP ON THIS PAGE”.  For all other support, refer to the [HELP] and the [CONTACT US MENU].

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